Water Repellent Mortar

AMX WRM 410 (RB) & AMX WRM 510 (RB)

Available in Types N, S and M

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Water Repellent Mortar

AMX WRM 410 (RB) & AMX WRM 510 (RB)

Part of the total RainBloc System, Amerimix AMX WRM 410 and AMX WRM 510 Water Repellent Mortars with RainBloc GP are the only mortars on the market with patented moisture-resistant admixtures that are traceable and measurable in hardened mortar.

This patented system, combined with computerized factory batching of the mortar and admixture has been engineered and proven to inhibit water penetration in the lab and in the field, delivering a level of precision and peace of mind that’s not available anywhere else.

Learn more about Continuous Moisture Protection provided by the RainBloc Integrated Water Repellent System.

  • Features
  • Contains the only traceable, detectable and measurable water-repellant admixture on the market – RainBloc GP.
  • Computerized batching ensures RainBloc GP – and mortar mix – is proportioned correctly in every bag.
  • Exceeds water repellency requirements of the "Upload Test" specified in ASTM C1384.
  • Rated "E" for Excellent by the NCMA when used in conjunction with Echelon masonry units manufactured with RainBloc, per ASTM test E514.
  • Available in pre-mixed and custom colors.
  • Uses
  • All applications where a water-repellent mortar is required.
  • In conjunction with Echelon masonry units with RainBloc GP as part of the total RainBloc Integrated Water Repellant System.
  • Interior or exterior applications.
  • Above or below grade (Type N for above-grade use only).
  • Laying or resetting brick, block or stone.
  • Specs
  • ASTM C91 Standard Specification for Masonry Cement (AMX 510 WRM Only)
  • ASTM C150 Standard Specification for Portland Cement (AMX 410 WRM Only)
  • ASTM C207 Standard Specification for Hydrated Lime for Masonry Purposes (AMX 410 WRM Only)
  • ASTM C1384 Standard Specification for Admixtures for Masonry Mortars
  • ASTM C1403 Standard Test Method for Rate of Water Absorption of Masonry Mortars
  • ASTM C 1714 Standard Specification for Preblended Dry Mortar Mix for Unit Masonry
  • ACI 530.1 Specification for Masonry Structures

Select a color to see a visualization of your mortar against a variety of block colors.


Soft Ivory

Concord Ivory

Polar Frost

Shady Lane

Quarry Rock




Wet Clay

River Mist



Burnt Russet

Sunset Rose

Brick Red

Rustic Red




Pale Smoke

Dove Gray


Mystic Gold


Peanut Brown

Soft Tan

Summer Tan





Deep Taupe


Dark Brown



Mortar Color

Trenwyth Mesastone
Terra Cotta


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