Tuck Pointing Mortar

AMX 420

Available in Type O

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Tuck Pointing Mortar

AMX 420

Amerimix AMX 420 Tuck Pointing Mortar is a factory blended formulation engineered to repair, restore, and repoint masonry structures where a low strength, Type O, repointing mortar is required such as in historical renovations. Use Amerimix AMX 420 Pointing Mortar to help repair mortar joints for your next project!

  • Features
  • Ideal for use in historical restoration projects.
  • Engineered for superior adhesion and lasting finish.
  • Can be custom pigmented to meet project requirements.
  • Uses
  • Pointing mortar joints.
  • Restoring masonry construction, including historical renovations.
  • Interior or exterior applications.
  • Above-grade applications.
  • Specs
  • ASTM C150 Standard Specification for Portland Cement
  • ASTM C207 Standard Specification for Hydrated Lime for Masonry Purposes
  • ASTM C1714 Standard Specification for Preblended Dry Mortar Mix for Unit Masonry
  • ACI 530.1 Specification for Masonry Structures

Mortar Color

Trenwyth Mesastone
Terra Cotta


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