Ultimate Bond Stone Veneer Mortar

AMX 485

Ultimate Bond Stone Veneer Mortar

AMX 485

Amerimix AMX 485 SVM Ultimate Stone Veneer Mortar is a pre-blended, highly polymer-modified engineered to exceed ANSI 118.15 – the most stringent standard for bond strength. AMX 485 is ideal for high-strength bonding of both natural and manufactured veneers to various substrates including masonry, CMU, exterior-grade plywood and more.

  • Features
  • Exceeds shear bond strength requirements of ANSI 118.4, 118.11 and 118.15.
  • Meets MVMA install guide specifications.
  • Can be used with both manufactured and natural stone.
  • Bonds to most substrates including exterior-grade plywood.
  • Superior sag resistance.
  • Uses
  • Bedding, setting, and grouting.
  • Bonding of artificial stone or brick veneers.
  • Interior or exterior applications.
  • Above- or below-grade applications.
  • Vertical or horizontal applications.
  • Specs
  • ASTM C270 Standard Specification for Mortar for Unit Masonry
  • ANSI 118.1 Standard Specification for Dry-Set Cement Mortar
  • ANSI 118.4 Standard Specification for Modified Dry-Set Cement Mortar
  • ANSI 118.11 Standard Specification for EGP Latex-Portland Cement Mortar
  • ANSI 118.15 Standard Specification for Improved Modified Dry-Set Cement Mortar
  • ACI 530.1 Specification for Masonry Structures

Mortar Color

Trenwyth Mesastone
Terra Cotta


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